Work In Progress: It’s A Wrap!

We’ve just wrapped shooting our feature film! We’ve been filming for three weeks on different sets and locations around Nairobi, ensuring that we adhered to local and international safety guidelines on workplace COVID-19 prevention that included: temperature and health checks at the beginning of every day; frequent, regular hand washing; and sanitising and face masks on at all times. This was made possible with the help of Anita Inziani, the wonderful freelance set nurse, who has expertise in helping cast and crew be COVID-aware and COVID-safe.

With our very own Mars Maasai and Akati Khasiani co-directing, we started off week one with great vibes and excitement to be on set again. We transitioned into week two after a day’s break, and its highlight was some lovely shots in the middle of the CBD. Week three started off with our first ever read through, which was a day of lines and laughter. 

We remain humbled by the incredible talent of the wonderful cast and crew. We’re so grateful that they joined us on this journey, and that they made it such great fun along the way! We are thrilled to have had this opportunity, and we cannot wait to release and share this film. Onwards now to post-production!

In the meantime, enjoy this little snippet of us having fun behind the scenes!

The Nest Collective is a multidisciplinary arts collective living and working in Nairobi, Kenya—working with film, music, fashion, visual arts and literature since 2012.

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