UN UNFPA and Sudanese Filmmaking Association to Film climate change contents for awareness purposes

Climate Change impacts on Sudan , Using Filmmaking UN Agency of UNFPA along with Sudanese Filmmaking Association made a huge project to cover the affected areas of Flash Floods and Extreme weather events that occurs in the region of Khartoum TUTI , Gadeed Al Sawra , Soba, and Bahar Abiad.

Mrs.Nisreen Al Sayim the Consultant of UN General Secretary youth advisory board on climate change.

Was the focal point to overview the huge impact and to analyze the future of such escalation in Extreme weather events at Sudan and it’s Region.

Sudanese Filmmaking Association selected Three of its best Filmmakers to Operate the Aerial Cinematography and Shooting of this project

DOP Mohamed Ali Wd Al Galla,

Aerial Videographer
Abdel Mohimen Said

Production Manager
Yahia Al Bahari ,

Project Supervisor
Mrs .Nisreen Al Sayim.

The content of this project is to be showcased in all platforms to rise awareness within Sudan and it’s Region towards climate change impact .

Mentioning that Sudanese Filmmaking Association as a member of CSN Cinema Spaces Network will provide this content the be screened in all the Screenings in Sudan either private or Public Screenings to rise climate awareness.

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