SFMA found a land plot for the Sudan Film House Project in Khartoum

After a long process we are proud to announce that we have found a land plot for the SUDAN FILM HOUSE! In June 2021 Sudanese Filmmaking Association SFMA made an agreement to purchase a dedicated land plot for our project: In cooperation with Talya-Properties.com -an authorized land developer in Khartoum, SFMA submitted to form a land of 300 meters Square 13 Kilometres from 60th Street at the Southern Part of Khartoum State. The project was developed within the CINEMA SPACES NETWORK think tank phase. We have decided to use CONTAINER ARCHITECTURE: a cinema venue with a 100 seat capacity for weekly screenings. Part of the plan beyond the screening facilities is the integration of a FILM SCHOOL for emerging filmmakers in Sudan. Currently the civil works and quantity surveying services are taking place via Enamour Engineering and Nari Investments Co, Interiors of the Project is Operated by Architect. Osman Abdel Wahab. The Sudan Film House is expected to open in early 2022 .

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