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Cinema Spaces in Sudan

Article by
Mohamed Awad Farah

President of Sudanese Filmmaking Association
Member of Cinema Spaces Network.

Since its early start in 1912 Cinema spaces in Sudan witnessed a huge devaluation as more than 23 Cinema been closed by the Islamic government of President. Omer Al Bashir. Prior to that Mr.Hassan Al Turabi, the representative of Muslim Brothers unit at the Sudanese parliament, requested President Numeri in 1985 to announce Islamic Laws of “Shariaa” Sharia. The term is used for Islamic state Rules and laws to take action on all Sudan as to make the constitution of Sudan and all the law regulations bonded by the Islamic “Shariaa” Laws. Whereas only extreme Muslims agree such a move – it made life difficult in Sudan . Cinemas, casinos, bars and all the similar public entertainment places were categorized as non-Islamic social activities and leads to social disturbance and social devaluation.

Islamic Laws were announced with a huge propaganda by the Islamic party of the Muslim Brothers. In 1986 more Islamic projects were established by the government of President / Gaffer M. Numeiri. In consequence, most of the Cinema Spaces were closed and the law bonded cultural activities to Islamic allowance of those activities. This was the end of Cinema spaces in Sudan. in 1989, a New Islamic State government took control of the Nation of Sudan, lead by the earlier mentioned man who represented the Muslim Brothers in the Sudanese Parliament. When they took control of the whole nation, we lived through five years of political instability caused by his political unit/party, As expected, they deployed an Extreme Islamic State which later was listed as a terror organization. This came as a result of brutally using Shariaa laws: Arts and Culture does not fit the language of extremists. The Muslim Brothers made president Omer Al Bashir the leader of a military coup, he ruledSudan from 1989 till 2019 -for 30 consecutive years. During the period, cinemas were prohibited, alongside all Cinema Spaces transformed their activities -like events and screenings – to indoors or events hold in secrecy.

The Islamic Regime was finally toppled by the revolution of 2019.

In today’s Sudan, we have the some old cinema venues, but they are no longer available for screenings we wish to organize for our audiences. The Blue Nile Cinema is in the hands to the the Army Radio Channel, Coliseum Cinema was sold to Faisal Islamic Bank . Until today, cinema is considered an “Independent Movement” calling to regain control of the Filmmaking Industry in Sudan.

#Photo Credits :
Mohamed Ahmed Omer /SFM.2008

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